Embracing Nature’s Best – S&H GreenLife

S&H GreenLife is a leading player in the expansive and ever-evolving world of the cannabis industry. Serving Tularosa, Boles Acres, Alamogordo and neighboring towns in New Mexico, our broad network of cannabis stores are committed to providing a fully integrated, safe, and easy recreational cannabis experience.

From Seed to Satisfaction

At S&H GreenLife, we take pride in our extensive knowledge on the whole spectrum of cannabis life cycle. We procure the finest marijuana strains aiming to offer a vast assortment of high-quality products at our weed and marijuana dispensaries. Our stores are spaces where customers can discover and garner more knowledge about the benefits and uses of cannabis.

Serving La Luz, NM and Beyond

Along with prompt service in Boles Acres, NM, and Alamogordo, NM, we extend our operations to Holloman AFB, NM, La Luz, NM & High Rolls, NM. S&H GreenLife is more than just a cannabis store, it’s a commitment to making the vast potential of recreational cannabis accessible to all, while adhering to the most stringent safety measures and regulations.

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