“Finding the Green in DC! Monko is Here for You”

Hello there, cannabis connoisseurs of the Capital! Striding around the city, in search of a high-quality dispensary? Swoop on over to Monko! Yes, currently at the top of the pecking order, Monko reigns as the leading dispensary near me for Washington, DC and Shaw.

Monko- Beholding the Highest Quality

Bored with your current picking? Here at Monko, we’re a far cry from your usual dispensary. Our connoisseur-curated strains will undoubtedly elevating your satisfaction to exotic new heights. Remember, variety is the spice of life, and Monko proudly possesses the spice cupboard of dispensaries in Washington, DC!

Don’t Squawk! Just Walk to Monko

Need help migrating to a better supplier? Our feathered professionals at Monko are here to help. Swing by, cater to your enquiries, help you pick your choice and keep those spirits elevated! We’ve got everything you could need, and probably even a little more!

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