From Vision to Reality – A Cannabis 21 Plus Story

Our company, Cannabis 21 Plus, began as a vision sparked by a garden-variety plant named cannabis. We acknowledged the essential role of this humble plant in alleviating pain and discomfort and bringing joy to countless faces. We resolved to pave a new, fearless path in the industry, despite the stigma.

The Journey from Seed to Success

Our first marijuana dispensary was opened in San Diego, CA, planting a seed of change and fostering a community where people felt safe and loved while learning about cannabis. We established a haven in Palm Desert and Hemet and brought our compassionate cause to Riverside, mastering the delicate dance between legislation and liberation.

An Unstoppable Growth

Spreading our roots to Ukiah, CA and Lake Elsinore, we create spaces of acceptance and enlightenment, promoting the responsible use of cannabis. Each dispensary we open is a monument to our commitment, further amplifying our voice in the cannabis chorus.

Cannabis 21 Plus is more than a business; it’s a beacon– blazing the way to a brighter, freer future where society’s perspective on cannabis is forever transformed. With each community we touch, we help turn this powerful vision into a norm-defying reality.

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