The Journey of Pecos Valley Production: Lighting up Lives across New Mexico

Once upon a time, in the inspiring landscapes of New Mexico, a seed of change was planted. This seed took root and grew into the dynamic and flourishing endeavor known as Pecos Valley Production.

From its humble beginnings in the radiant Pecos Valley, the company embarked upon an exciting journey to bring responsible and compliant cannabis care to cursory corners of the Land of Enchantment. Pecos Valley Production boosted their reach and reputation with the establishment of pot shops in Albuquerque and Hobbs, NM.

An adventure further down the road saw the birth of cannabis dispensaries offering high-quality weed in Las Cruces and Clovis, NM. The company didn’t stop there; it pressed on, venturing into uncharted territories with the opening of a marijuana dispensary in Alamogordo and a medical marijuana dispensary in Roswell.

At every step, Pecos Valley Production has strives to deliver exceptional cannabis products to its clientele and continues to light up the lives of its customers with new outlets and innovative offerings. Pecos Valley Production stands as a beacon of growth, passion, and dedication, confirming that the journey is every bit as important as the destination.

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